Who Are We

Steiny’s is a 100% South Australian authentic family business that uses

small batch artisan crafting techniques to make exceptional quality Mettwurst with a distinctive flavour that is all about the Barossa Valley.

Made to delight, it is perfect with premium Australian wines.

Steiny's produces 13 different flavours of Mettwurst, 5 "twiggy" stick flavours, Beef Jerky's, Smoked Bacon and Redgum Smoked Salt.

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Mettwurst vs Salami

Salami's and Mettwurst's can be similar in looks however there are a few differences. 


Salami is a Pork product which is traditionally hung and naturally dried and cured in a cellar and is high in salts.  Mettwurst was traditionally Pork however since introduced into Australia in the mid 1800's, beef has been introduced.


Today Mettwurst producers generally use 50% Beef and 50% frozen imported Pork and recently have been increasing the Pork content to reduce costs. Steiny's will not compromise on quality and uses a 70% Beef (100% Australian Grass Fed Angus Beef) and a 30% (100% fresh Australian Pork).  Steiny's Mettwurst's and Sticks are less than 10% fat, low in salts and sugars, no artificial colourings or flavours, all gluten and dairy free and traditionally heated and smoked with redgum.