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Steiny’s is a 100% South Australian authentic family business that uses small batch artisan crafting techniques to make exceptional quality Mettwurst with a distinctive flavour that is all about the Barossa Valley.

Made to delight, it is perfect with premium Australian wines.

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Steiny's produces 13 different flavours of Mettwurst, 5 Stick flavours, Beef Jerky's, Smoked Bacon and Redgum Smoked Salt.


Steiny's has been a Mettwurst producer in the Barossa Valley for 41 years and continues to this day to make exceptional high quality products.


Steiny's has expanded it's range over the years and continues to develop new flavours and ideas.  The introduction of a Redgum Smoked Salt, an Angus Beef Mettwurst for those who cannot eat Pork and of course Steiny's 100% Kangaroo Mettwurst has enhanced the range.

Using a base of 70% Beef and 30% Pork will never change.  You can tell the difference as Steiny's has no fatty after taste as others do.  Steiny's will not substitute quality over price and continue to be the highest quality.


Having been finalists in the 2018 & 2019 South Australian Premier's Consumer Awards, Steiny's would appreciate your help to get into this years awards.  To vote for us, please click this link. 

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Salami's and Mettwurst's can be similar in looks however there are a few differences. 


Salami is a predominantly a Pork product which is traditionally hung and naturally dried and cured and is high in salts and fats.  Mettwurst however is Beef and Pork since having been introduced into South Australia.


Today Mettwurst producers generally use 50% Beef and 50% imported Pork to reduce costs. Steiny's will not compromise on quality and uses a 70% Beef (100% Australian Grass Fed Angus Beef) and a 30% (100% Australian Pork). 

Steiny's Mettwurst's and Sticks are less than 10% fat, low in salts and sugars, no artificial colourings or flavours, all gluten and dairy free and cooked/fermented.